Jo and Luke


Our journey started with Craig and Crown Money just over one year ago and has been financially the best decision we have made. We have been amazed at how quickly we have been paying off the principle of our home loan and wish we engaged Crown Money 8 years ago when we purchased our family home.

The initial transaction was fast and friendly and to be honest we were almost sceptical of the predicted timeframe of being debt-free however, every month has proven the numbers to be true.

The financial goals we discussed at the start have also been well exceeded to the point where we constantly discuss Crown’s home loan structure to genuinely help our friends and family out.

With our previous mortgage structure, it felt like it was never going to end and that we were working week to week just to pay the interest off. The financial freedom we are now feeling even with the small debt remaining is something that we thought we wouldn’t be experiencing for at least another 15+ years.

We are now able to set ourselves future goals beyond our mortgage and look forward to seeing how Craig and his team can assist in the coming years.

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