Michael Gahan

I’m so passionate about helping people with their mortgages because I can see the results that we are able to achieve for our clients on a personal level. Being able to pay it forward to others and change the direction of their financial futures gives me a massive amount of gratification that we are doing the right thing for our clients.

The reason why so many clients love what we do is that we are always in constant communication about what financial position they are in. We want the client to understand the level of care we have for everyone and our ability to show them the results create such a positive and happy environment.

I grew up in Lismore, NSW and moved to the USA at 17 years old to pursue playing college baseball in hopes of playing professional baseball. After spending 5 years in the US, I moved to Adelaide in 2018 and now enjoy exploring the wineries, golf courses, and beaches that Adelaide has to offer.

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0435 786 774

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