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Why Crown Money

With 20 years of financial results for thousands of Australians we are the experts at Money.

Our Avg client pays more than $30,000+ off their home loan per year. Before meeting us they were averaging only $10,000 in debt reduction per year.

How much are you paying off your home loan each year ?

If it’s close to $10,000 then maybe it’s time to see what you could be doing differently to get a 200% increase in your financial results.

Our Avg client saves more than 20% of their salary each month. Before meeting us they were averaging a savings rate of only 6.9%. Same income, same debt level but within the first 12 months they’re able to get a 2x increase in the most important figure of their financial world – What you earn is irrelevant, it’s all about how much $ do you save of what you earn.

Our expertise is transforming our clients financial lives by giving them proven financial strategies to:

Pay their house off faster, save money on their living expenses, increase their income and start investing for their future.

If you don’t know your numbers, it’s going to be difficult to improve them… We take care of everything financially so our clients can do what they do best: Earn money and Spend Money.

Our Mission

At Crown Money, our mission is to help 5,000 families pay off the biggest financial burden of their lives. To pay off their home loan and to have that exhilarating feeling of being debt free.

Homeowners are looking for effective financial strategies that supercharge their progress towards reducing their loan balance, minimising interest repayments and regaining control of their money..

While most mortgage broking firms set targets on the number of loan settlements, at Crown Money we set targets on the number of families lives we have been able to positively impact. By helping them achieve that seemingly unattainable goal of paying off their mortgages once and for all.

Life without a home loan repayment is the great Australian Dream!

meet the team

When you choose to work with Crown Money, you quickly discover why we’re different from your average mortgage broking firm – it’s all about our people.

Relationships, education and responsiveness are the foundations of how we operate, both within our team and with our clients. Our people have exceptional skills and extensive experience across mortgages, debt reduction and wealth creation and paying off properties.

Deal with Crown Money and you will save more money, pay your house off faster and finally have the right financial strategy that gets all of your income working as hard as your work for it.

Our team has over 93 years of finance experience, and have used the exact strategies that we implement for clients to pay off their own houses.

scott parry

Founder and CEO

Scott is the visionary behind the Money Management Program. After years of working with other home loan products, he saw the need for a debt reduction program that actually worked! The Crown Money Management program was born, and has continuously evolved since that day. Scott loves nothing more than helping average Australian families pay down their home loans faster. He has proven time and time again that changing a client’s financial structure, can change their lives.

craig parry

Partner & Senior Finance Broker

chelsea burton

General Manager

jessie edge

Operations Manager

adam santangelo

Financial Coach

craig butler

Financial Coach

bridgette schulz

Settlements Officer

megan dibenedetto

Credit Assessor

nikki van de scheur

Financial Coach Assistant

bec derksen

Financial Coach Assistant

Eden robinson

Financial Coach Assistant

Daniel Upton


mel williamson

Executive Assistant

Nicola Parry


richard recordon

Senior Finance Broker

mathew wright

Senior Finance Broker

reuben dabrow

Financial Strategist


Any job vacancies and how to apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for a career opportunity at Crown Money.

Our talent acquisition consultants will guide you through each step of the application process. Once you have submitted an application, we will be in contact with all shortlisted applicants regarding the next stage of the process.

Part of each recruitment process will be one to two interviews with members of the business. The interview is our chance to learn more about you and your suitability for the role. Come prepared with examples of your experience that demonstrate how you meet the requirements outlined in the position description. The interview is also your chance to ask questions about what it is like to work for Crown Money.

If you are the successful candidate for the position, an offer of employment will be extended to you following all necessary background checks. Included in your offer will be the confidential conditions of your employment, including hours of work, remuneration, salary packaging, and leave entitlements.

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