Australia’s leading specialist in money management

Our story

Crown Money Management is Australia’s leading specialist in debt and money management.

Established in 2004 by philanthropist and entrepreneur Scott Parry, Crown has helped thousands of Australians realise their home ownership dreams and get out of debt sooner.

Built on loyalty and a personalised approach to wealth management, Crown is fundamentally about educating our clients and helping them on the path to financial freedom.

Offering a simple product portfolio, Crown Money’s focus is on educating customers to use their mortgages as a total wealth and savings management solution.

By helping to cure credit card addiction and shifting the focus to debt reduction, Crown Money Management’s model shows Australians how to manage their money more effectively, which results in them creating equity and paying off their loan faster.

Our team are passionate about financial planning and changing as many lives as possible through financial education.

Our focus is education and accountability. Just like a personal trainer for your finances, we want you to learn proven ways to make your money work for YOU, not the banks.

Crown Money Management was started as a direct result of the banks’ attitude toward their customers. The complete lack of personal touch and service, disgustingly large bank profits and the general treatment of the everyday Australian customer has created a massive need in the market place for a better home loan solution. One that is designed to actually get you out of debt!

From inception, our company has prided itself on BEATING
THE BANKS and giving our clients the ADDED VALUE and service you deserve.

We have thousands of happy customers around the country who have seen amazing results with our program, and we can’t wait to show you how you could benefit too.

Crown Money Management is a division of Crown Lending Pty Ltd ACN 119 504 862 ACL No 388 279.

Meet the team

Scott Parry

Founder and CEO
Scott is the visionary behind the Money Management Program. After years of working with other home loan products, he saw the need for a debt reduction program that actually worked! The Crown Money Management program was born, and has continuously evolved since that day. Scott loves nothing more than helping average Australian families pay down their home loans faster. He has proven time and time again that changing a client’s financial structure, can change their lives.

Craig Parry

Partner & Senior Finance Broker

Chelsea Burton

General Manager

Jessie Edge

Operations Manager

Adam Santangelo

Money Coach

Kaylene Di Lorenzo

Money Coach

Hayley Mills

Money Coach

Craig Butler

Money Coach

Mandeep Singh

Credit Assessor

Bridgette Emerson

Credit Assistant

Mel Williamson

Executive Assistant

Richard Recordon

Senior Finance Broker

Mathew Wright

Senior Finance Broker

Reuben Dabrow

Money Mentor

Michael Gahan

Money Mentor

Tayce Wilson

Credit Assistant

Megan Dibenedetto

Finance Assistant

Sarah Rose

Mortgage Broker

Carol Hunter

Mortgage Broker

Corey Billows

Loan Administrator
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