The Program

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Over the last 16 years we have developed and perfected our Rapid Debt Reduction Program. This program combines a financial strategy with STRUCTURE + SUPPORT to drastically improve your ability to pay off your mortgage.

So how does it work?

1. We start with a phone call to discuss your current situation, needs, money goals and dreams

2. We take this information and put together a personalized financial strategy tailored to you and your goals

3. We present your financial game plan to you, and discuss in detail how we’re going to help you achieve your goals faster and smarter.

4. We begin implementing your plan for you, starting with  a complete restructure of your finances and debts so your money can finally start working for you

5. Once the restructure is complete, we introduce you to your personal Money Coach who will help you set and achieve your goals every step of the way

6. Your Money Coach will provide you with regular guidance and make sure you are setup correctly on the Crown Money Tracker app which measures your Net Worth, Property Prices, Loan balances, Cashflow and Super fund balance all on the one easy to understand dashboard

7. Your Money Coach then drills down on how to implement your rapid debt reduction plan, and will check in with you regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly

8. Once you have settled into the program, you will then receive monthly, half yearly and annual reports and reviews to help keep you pay off your home loan and keep you on track to hit your Debt Free Date!

9. You will also receive regular education through our private Mortgage Hackers Facebook group, monthly Financial Coaching newsletter, and regular Webinars to help increase your financial IQ, keep you focused, and optimize your results.

This program works – we know it works because we’ve seen hundreds of Australians pay off their home loan using this strategy.

Every 23 days we have the privilege of calling one of our clients to tell them they are debt free and have paid off their home because of the Rapid Debt Reduction program
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