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Good Debt. Bad Debt. Ugly Debt.

16 May 2022
Most people (including me!) at some stage in their life will have to deal with debt - it's a fact of life, no matter where you come from. There are three different types of debt: Good Debt that will eventually being you a positive return, such as investment debt. Bad Debt that keeps you in a cycle of...

Rates are Rising!

13 May 2022

“It isn’t about the interest rate, it’s all about how quickly you can achieve financial security by owning your own home and being debt-free”. Rising rates for most Australians is a cause for concern, however for Crown clients, it isn’t and it shouldn’t be. Your home loan structure has been deliberately designed to help grow…

11 Steps to Owning Your Home

15 April 2022
These days, owning your own home is no easy feat. You need to save for a deposit, get the right loan and find the perfect home. Not to mention having the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as a delicious smashed avocado on toast. By following the steps below, you can move from being a...

Rounding up Redraw Requests

1 March 2022
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Why you NEVER have enough money!

15 February 2022
Most weekends when hanging out with my friends I regularly overhear them griping about how they never seem to have enough money. So, I actually decided to ask one of my friends what he thought would be the solution to his never ending problem of 'insufficient funds'. He (just like 95% of the people who...

How to: New Year’s Resolution

15 January 2022
How to: New Year’s Resolution Isn’t the Christmas holiday season just the BEST! Balmy summer nights spent overindulging in food, wine, festivities and fun. “Avocado is extra? Oh go on!” “$20 cocktails!? Treat yoself!” Yes, denial was lovely – we’ll give you a moment to reminisce. NOW, snap back to reality and we’re out the...

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