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Most weekends when hanging out with my friends I regularly overhear them griping about how they never seem to have enough money.

So, I actually decided to ask one of my friends what he thought would be the solution to his never ending problem of ‘insufficient funds’. He (just like 95% of the people who I ask) responded that if only he got a pay rise, or if he earnt more money then everything would be just fine!

Now, every day I see clients who are in this same scenario. Many of them have actually already gotten pay rises but they still seem to be stuck in the same predicament.

The reason why?
Here’s a hard and fast fact – a pay rise will not end all of your money problems! The moment you get that pay rise – you instantly increase your standard of living. This now means that your lifestlye is slightly more comfortable, but you STILL have the same money problems. There is no surplus cashflow left over because ‘extra income’ has been created, has now been eaten up by your increase in living standards.

The solution
We all need to become better managers of our own money. Work out your cashflow each and every week and budget with that figure in mind. Prioritise your expenses, and always aim to SAVE 10% of everything that you earn.

Our DIY 6 Week Money Management Course is a great way to do this, you’ll start slowly getting your money in order and see real results by the end of the course. All communication is via a weekly email providing you with activities, resources and proven strategies to take control of your money.

Week 1 – What’s the real value of your money?
Week 2 – Your financial snapshot
Week 3 – STOP spending – what can you afford to go without?
Week 4 – Creating your spending plan
Week 5 – Easy ways to boost your cashflow
Week 6 – Getting REALLY smart with your savings!

The key to our course is that it’s easy, it won’t take up much of your time, and most importantly it will build up good habits. Just commit to thinking about your finances once a week and get yourself set up NOW for a stress-free and financially secure future.

For more personalised advice, you could also get in touch with our Money Coaching team for your free consultation. We’ll come and see you, help you to analyse your situation, and give you proven strategies on how to reduce your debt and get on the path to financial freedom for good.

Can you really afford NOT to?

We’ll show you the financial strategies that help one of our clients pay off their loan every 23 days.