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are you earning more than $150,000 a year?

With the right financial strategy in place, you could pay off your mortgage and be debt-free in under 10 years, not 30.


the sad state of six-figure earners

If you are like the other high-income earners whose lives we’ve transformed, chances are you work hard, make your boss a lot of money, and are rewarded handsomely for your efforts. However, when it comes to your own financial wellbeing, things aren’t as good as what they should be.

we’ve helped 5000+ aussies like you

Your financial future is not set in stone. With a high income, the only thing holding you back from rapidly growing your wealth is your money management habits. Don’t believe us? We’ve already helped show 5,000+ Aussies how to build their equity and pay off their home loans in under 15 years.

BRAD AND JEMIMA: “We could never fully express the gratitude we have to the team at Crown. We have paid $111,964.86 off our home loan in the last year using the program, what an incredible result”

MICHAEL: “Before I was introduced to Crown Money, I thought I was doing all the right things, but I wasn’t seeing the results I had anticipated. After speaking with Crown Money, it was an absolute no brainer that this was the smartest loan structure for me. I finally have the financial structure I need to gain financial freedom” Michael paid $26,354.59 off his home loan in the last 12 months on a single income.

CODY: “Brilliant, couldn’t begin to imagine we would be in the financial position we are in already. Thanks to Crown we are pretty much stress-free about the “scary” mortgage payments everyone told us about.”

TRACEY: “Great team always in contact with us to make sure everything is going ok . You all know your stuff and we wholeheartedly trust in you to look after our financial future”

DARREN AND KIM: “We always look forward to our monthly statements arriving as this keeps us motivated, seeing how much closer we are to achieving our goal of paying off our mortgage off completely.” Darren and Kim paid off $41,226.43 in the last 12 months.

sign up for our 7 day challenge

We’ll walk you through 7 easily actionable steps that will kickstart your financial goals and save you thousands of dollars.

how we’ll help you own your home in under 10 years

personal wealth coaching

We assign you a personal wealth coach who is available to educate and coach you for the life of your home loan.

tracking and budgeting

We track and manage your money so you can hit your goals and pay off your home loan up to 4x faster.

habit reversal techniques

We help you to curb impulse spending, enhance your credit score, eliminate bad debt, and turn your financial future around.

built in self discipline

Every time you spend money it affects your long-term financial wellbeing. That’s why we act as a filter between you and your money so that every buying decision is made consciously and with clarity.

expert advice

When it comes to houses, the cheapest loan is the shortest loan. By partnering with us, you’ll get access to expert negotiators who can get you the best deal and ensure you are out of debt faster.

detailed progress tracking

Without tracking your money, you’ll never make progress towards your financial goals. This is why we send you monthly, quarterly and annual reports highlighting your financial results to keep you motivated and focused on creating equity and growing your net worth growth.

your 3-step path to financial freedom

step 1: initial consult call

The first step is to book a complimentary initial consult, where we will discuss your work, financial situation, and long-term goals to uncover how to serve you best.

step 2: strategy design session

On our complimentary 45 minute follow up call, we’ll present a proposal of everything we can do to help you save money and time. Then we’ll help you to decide on the best path forward.

step3: program commencement

If you are approved to join the program, we will connect you with your personal wealth coach so you can get to know each other and start making financial progress right away.

are you ready to become truly wealthy? are you ready to make your money work for you?

With our guidance, you could pay down your home loan by $50,000+ each year and save $100,000’s in interest payments over the life of your loan. All you have to do is reach out to us before it’s too late.

What you’re currently doing financially isn’t working, is it? This is the year to make a change for the better.