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I know we are all feeling the pinch with prices of everything only going up, up, and up…

To help you manage this increase in living expenses we have set up a group buying discount offer for you to benefit from.

It’s called CROWN MONEY COINS – an app that you can download on your phone right now and begin to benefit from!

This app/website enables you to receive group discounts and cashback on your groceries, petrol, alcohol, electronics, clothing, restaurants, travel, and health purchases.

The cashback amounts range from 1% – 40% of the purchase price, and the discount gift cards average around a 5% discount.

Here is a list of all the stores giving you discounted gift cards

An example of how it can help with your Food/Fuel and Fun weekly expenses:
Buying gift cards through CROWN MONEY COINS for Woolworths will give you a 4% discount or Coles will give you a 5% discount on all your grocery shopping. For your Fuel, you can get a 3% discount at Caltex Woolworths.
Any alcohol purchased using a Dan Murphy’s (5% discount) or BWS (5% discount) gift card can help to reduce the cost of your entertainment.

How I use it:

I simply click on the Crown Money Coins app on my phone, buy my gift card for Woolworths, get it 4% cheaper than the advertised price, that gift card goes into my e-wallet and I use that gift card as my payment method at Checkout (instead of using my visa debit card).

If you shop online you receive cashback from over 500+ stores:
Here is a list of all the stores giving you cashback for shopping with them online, which you can use for other purchases on the site.

If you want to look at switching your gas or electricity you can receive up to $180 Cashback.

When you change your Internet and Mobile providers we are looking to implement the Cashback later this year.

It’s free for you as a valued Crown client, and can be setup immediately so you can begin to benefit from the group discounts we’ve been able to organise.

Download the app today so you can start saving money on your weekly Food, Fuel, and Fun as well as most of your other shopping.

We really hope you benefit from Crown Money Coins, it’s our way of helping you reduce your living expenses as well as saying thank you for choosing to do business with us.

As you already know, $1 saved is $1 made!

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