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20 minute financial health check

how many of us actually know the current state of our finances?

if you’re among the many who don’t know, it’s time for a quick check-up!

Thinking and worrying about money on a daily basis contributes very little to happiness.

But not knowing anything about your finances or having a skewed understanding of your financial position – that’s when you’ll find yourself in real trouble. For us one of the MOST important steps in managing your finance is awareness, but it’s not always an easy process. So our money management coaches have created this 20-minute Financial Health Check to help you. There are steps to map out and understand your current financial position, followed by exercises to help identify your financial goals with strategies on how to get there.

The most successful people today, no matter how busy, are the ones who set aside at least an hour a month to manage their finances. The rest of their money management is on autopilot, and the worry – that’s all gone!

through this workbook you will:

Ready to shift gears and take the right steps towards changing your finances?

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