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Are You Weighed Down By Debts?

With the right approach and help, you could feel the freedom of a debt free life.

It’s normal to have credit cards and personal loans, right? Debt is the number one thing that will hold you back from living a financially free life.

we’ve helped 5000+ aussies like you

You do not have to live with personal debt! That’s a myth the banks want you to believe because the more debt you have, the more money they make off of you. With the right structure, the only thing holding you back from cutting out your credit cards and personal loans for good is your money management habits. Don’t believe us? We’ve already helped 5,000+ Aussies to do exactly that.

CODY: “Brilliant, couldn’t begin to imagine we would be in the position we are in already. Thanks to Crown we are pretty much stress-free about the “scary” mortgage payments everyone told us about.”

MICHAEL: “Before I was introduced to Crown Money, I thought I was doing all the right things, but I wasn’t seeing the results I had anticipated. After speaking with Crown Money, it was an absolute no brainer that this was the loan structure for me. I finally have the financial structure I need to gain financial freedom”
Michael has paid off $26,354.59 in the last 12 months on a single income.

TRACEY: “Great team always in contact with us to make sure everything is going ok . You all know your stuff and we wholeheartedly trust in you to look after our financial future”

DARREN AND KIM: “We always look forward to our monthly statements arriving as this keeps us motivated, seeing how much closer we are to achieving our goal of paying our mortgage off completely.”
Darren and Kim paid of $41,226.43 in the last 12 months.

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We’ll walk you through 7 easily actionable steps that will kickstart your financial goals and save you thousands of dollars.

how we’ll help you live a debt free life

dedicated personal money coaches

The secret to financial success is having one of our money coaches work with you for the life of the loan to keep you motivated and making progress towards living a Debt Free life every day.

personalized repayment plans

Every family is different so we design your Rapid Repayment Program based on your unique situation, desires, and income earning abilities.

habit reversal techniques

We help you to curb impulse spending, enhance your credit score, eliminate bad debt, and turn your financial future around.

daily money mentoring

Every time you spend money on impulse buys, it affects your long-term financial wellbeing. That’s why we act as a filter between you and your money so that every buying decision is made consciously and with clarity.

implementation of a debt snowball

Over the last 18 years we’ve perfected the Debt Snowball, the most effective tool to pay down debt for good. We’ll show you how!

financial progress reports

We send you monthly, quarterly and annual reports so you can keep tabs on your performance and implement our strategies to fast track your financial progress.

be on your way to a prosperous life in 3 steps

step 1: no-cost welcome call

Getting to know your family’s lifestyle, earning potential, needs, and desires on a quick call is the first step in the process of tailoring a Rapid Repayment Program that will get you Debt Free sooner.

step 2: personal financial strategy presentation

After your welcome call, our expert Money Coaching team will design your Rapid Debt Repayment Program to be presented to you on our 45 min follow-up meeting. During this FREE meeting, we show you how much money and time we can save you financially and how fast you could be Debt Free.

step 3: rapid repayment program launch

Our program is not for everyone, but assuming you are a good fit we will introduce you to your dedicated money coach. Your coach is there with you every week of every month to help guide you towards achieving your financial goals faster and smarter than what you are currently on track for. Financial Progress = Happiness

are you ready to change your financial future for good?

Those who use our program smash their debt, and save $100,000’s in interest payments over the life of their loans. If you want to fast-track your debt-reduction like they have, then reach out to us today.